Apprenticeship Opportunities Pave Way in Growing Manufacturing Field

Opportunities for professional growth abound in the manufacturing industry. We’re pleased to announce that Excellerate employees have the opportunity this fall to be selected into electrical or electronic systems technician apprenticeships. These unique apprenticeships will enable Excellerate employees to get additional schooling in the electrical field, earning a journeyman’s license or a BICSI (information and communications technology) certification, all while working in a controlled manufacturing environment.

What is the Electrical Apprenticeship?

  • 4-year program
  • Testing for journeyman’s electrician license
  • Focused on electrical safety, National Electric Code (NEC), motor controls, grounding and bonding, theory and application

What is the Electronic Systems Technician Apprenticeship?

  • 3-year program
  • Testing for BICSI certification
  • Focused on copper and fiber terminations, alarms, access controls, and vendor-specific topics and trainings

This fall’s inaugural class will include six employees from three of our Excellerate facilities, with five enrolled in the electrical apprenticeship program and one in the electronic systems technician apprenticeship.

Unlike traditional programs, these apprenticeships will provide our Excellerate employees with additional benefits:

  • Consistent work schedule
  • No travel required to jobsites (earn hours working in Excellerate)
  • Learn while you earn
  • Working in a controlled environment
  • Tuition-free learning

Employees who graduate from the apprenticeship programs will be paving the path for new and unique value-added manufacturing jobs. Their knowledge of the electrical field together with lean manufacturing training will provide distinct advantages in the growing manufacturing field. What positions could you see being added from these new programs? What impact could this have on the manufacturing world as we know it today?