Capturing Efficiency




When you start to ask questions and challenge the status quo, you start to define game changing solutions—and you’ve aligned with the type of solution development found within Excellerate. When those game changing solutions create a domino effect that starts to change the way organizations function, you know you’ve created positive disruption. If your organization is looking for leading edge, even disruptive change that creates a differentiating edge, then you found the right partner. Challenge us. Inspiration awaits.



Excellerate’s construction manufacturing process redefines what’s possible with prefabrication, producing solutions optimized for reduction of installation costs and time while adding value for the end user.

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Excellerate’s innovative microgrid and renewable energy solutions save time and reduce operational expenses, helping you meet your energy and sustainability goals.

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Excellerate packages power integration solutions to meet your specific needs, offering high-quality prefabricated and custom-engineered options that reduce installation and commissioning time and increase jobsite safety.

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