Excellerate as a Force Multiplier

Force multipliers are tools that help you amplify your effort to produce more output. When you invest in a force multiplier, you invest in something that will help you get more done with the same (or less) amount of effort.
A hammer is a perfect example of this.

Excellerate acts as a force multiplier. It enhances the four pillars of a project’s success including safety improvement, cost reduction, quality improvement, and reductions in project schedules. Below are overviews of how:

  • Safety Improvement: Excellerate is a controlled manufacturing environment where we are able to better mitigate risk. Construction projects can be dangerous, so our goal is to take repetitive work out of the field, and move it to our Excellerate facilities. A goal could be to perform 20 percent of a projects’ hours here, which when combined with early planning and offsite activities, could greatly impact safety recordables.
  • Cost Reduction: The more project work we do in a controlled environment, the more efficient and productive a project can be, leading to reduced costs. We can automate, utilize special tools and establish lean work processes. We can build portions of projects ahead of their project schedule and deliver them “just in time” (JIT). These changes enable better utilization of skilled craft professionals on a jobsite.
  • Quality Improvement: Our processes are built with quality in mind, while our assemblies are built with standardization in mind. It makes sense that it’s easier to build a quality product when our processes are solid and built with a common set of materials. This standardization of materials brings many benefits, including a reduction in construction costs, fewer interface and tolerance problems, and greater certainty over outcomes.
  • Project Schedule Reduction: Excellerate can increase construction efficiency and productivity, enable better sequencing in construction processes, and reduce weather-related delays. By doing so, it becomes possible to reduce project delivery times and deliver what is needed.

One of the big¬gest barriers to change and transformation in the construction industry isn’t technology – its culture. Getting people to embrace new ways of thinking and doing work differ¬ently is one of the most challenging as¬pects of organizational change.

As organizations continue to cultivate new mindsets, positive culture shifts can occur. Let us show you how the Excellerate business philosophy can become a fun¬damental part of your corporate strategy.