Excellerate Innovation on Display at Advancing Prefabrication 2020

At the recent Advancing Prefabrication Conference in Dallas, Texas, Excellerate successfully demonstrated how we continue to innovate in the manufacturing industry.

Excellerate’s booth was a premanufactured solution that was mobile and could be built and taken down with a couple of standard tools, in a matter of minutes. Our inventive booth design was popular among the attendees and led to valuable conversations and learnings with a diverse group of owners, architects/engineers, general contractors and trade contractors alike. Within our booth we featured some of our standard electrical assembly products including a pre-wired panel, conduit racks and strut lighting.

Our Excellerate team also showcased multiple patent-pending products including:

  • Pre-Wired Electrical Panel: In our powered booth, we displayed a pre-wired electrical panel with an added top hat section for the primary reason of injecting safety into the product design. This solution moves the incoming branch terminations out of the actual panel and into the top hat assembly, which creates a reduced arc flash from the panel, enabling further work and maintenance to be done more safely. The top hat featured finger-tool-safe classified terminations that don’t require tools to terminate the incoming branch wires, making it not only safer, but more efficient as well.
  • Rack Slam: We were pleased to be able to demonstrate our conduit rack assembly alignment tool add-on, called the Rack Slam. This simple yet effective product allows electricians in the field to construct conduit rack assemblies in a faster and more efficient manner with higher quality. The Rack Slam standardizes the spacing between conduits, and its cone-shaped end allows for guidance of one assembly into the other with ease.
  • Temp Power Safety: We showcased our temporary power solutions with an included safety barrier that forces a safety perimeter of three feet around temporary power units. Please visit our website to find out more about Excellerate’s temporary power offerings.

Jacob Feutz, Excellerate’s director of marketing and strategy, along with Mark Mendez, computational developer, gave a presentation about the needs of pre-fabrication versus the requirements of manufacturing, which can create project gaps. Through the use of manufacturing technology, Excellerate can ease the implementation of manufacturing into construction to give customers the highest value.

We appreciated the opportunity to participate in Advancing Prefabrication 2020 and share in the advancements in the prefab industry. Please reach out to me to learn more about construction manufacturing and our BIM2BUILT technology.