Excellerate Pivots to Manufacture Emergency Deployable Medical Units

Excellerate is largely made up of employees who have a trade background. While other manufacturers may look for people with assembly skills to fill positions, we know that employees with electrical or technician experience add value to our projects every day based on their knowledge of how our manufactured products will work in the field.

As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the United States in early March, it didn’t take long to realize that this was something that could detrimentally affect many people. States began issuing shelter-in-place or safer-at-home edicts in some of the first efforts to flatten the curve and prevent our healthcare systems from being overburdened by those infected. At Excellerate, we collectively began to think about what we could do to support the healthcare workers at this time of need.

Innovation is one of our core values. Based on the work we do with containerized solutions, we began to talk about how we could manufacture mobile medical units to support the increased need for hospital beds. Five days later, we were able to introduce our Emergency Deployable Medical Units (EDMUs) to our customers, and two weeks later we began building them.

As we quickly mobilized to design and take our EDMUs to market, we made improvements in some of our structural and building designs more quickly than we had been able to do before, based on the trust of our teams and the alignment around a common goal of doing as much good as we possibly could. We didn’t set out to change the world; we just set out to solve one problem that was matched with our capabilities.

Thanks to our Excellerate team members and industry partners for their support of these efforts to be part of the solution to the global healthcare issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.