Safe For a Reason

The National Safety Council annually designates June as National Safety Month. At Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI), safety is a year-round effort, but we always appreciate an opportunity to shine an extra light on working safely.

Excellerate is FTI’s manufacturing division with a focus on electrical assemblies and modular solutions that range from made-to-stock to custom-engineered energy and construction solutions, creating product innovations that provide cost savings and optimize productivity. However, the biggest advantage to our controlled manufacturing environment is worker safety, and the results speak for themselves. Excellerate is marking 3 ½ years without a recordable injury and is well on its way to 4 with its Safe 4 a Reason campaign.

Whether it’s for family, friends, personal life goals, hobbies, we all have important reasons for staying safe. The Safe 4 a Reason campaign highlights Excellerate’s goal to continue without a recordable incident for a fourth consecutive year and focuses on team members’ very important, individual reasons for staying safe. Excellerate team members across its four national locations were invited to share their reasons for being safe on a large display board at each location. During each safety meeting, they reflect on their reasons for being safe.

  • “Family. To go home each day the same way I came in: Safe and Healthy”
  • “My reason for working safe is my family, friends and my future!”
  • “My reason for working safely is my three kids. I want to make sure that I am always there for them.”
  • “To spend time with family.”
  • “My reason is my beautiful wife and our future.”
  • “I am safe for my wife and kids. Family First.”
  • “Traveling and group trips.”
  • “Getting hurt HURTS! Also for my family, friends and coworkers.”

A huge congratulations to our Excellerate team members who have set the bar high for all of FTI, and who continue to demonstrate our core value of an uncompromised focus on keeping people safe!