Taking Hours Off the Job Site

Excellerate has a simple mission in the quest to maximize the support for their customer base: Take hours off the job site.

In the pre-pandemic days, organizations were starting to slowly shift toward off-site and modular construction to combat the shortage of skilled labor, pressure to contract schedules and the necessity to make job sites safer for their employees. As we continue to sift through the days of this current pandemic and look to the future of the industry, it will become vital for the construction industry to pull labor off site and declutter job sites. The time for innovation is now.

Excellerate’s mission to take hours off the job site can garner a multitude of benefits for customers. Below is a breakdown of what those benefits are, as well as some reasons why.

As an industry leader in off-site manufacturing for electrical construction, Excellerate continues to innovate and find solutions to support our customers. Our results lead to improved job site safety, lower total installation costs, reduced waste, higher quality, reduced indirect costs and lower schedule risk. All of these factors will help lead the construction industry into the future.