Temporary Power Applications Meet Numerous Needs

The need to quickly bring up temporary power at a site can vary in application and size, but the end goal is to get power where it currently is not. Temporary power can include generators, solar power, battery backup, transformers, power distribution and outlets in a remote location. Below are some temp power application examples and considerations for each.


Job-site power is one of the most common applications we support at Excellerate, servicing the commercial, industrial and residential industries. Temporary power is used to power building lighting, job-site trailers, irrigation systems and more. One technology advancement impacting this area is solar. Reduction in battery costs gives you the ability to have solar as your primary source of power on a job site. It also enables you to have a primary and secondary power source on your job site before you have utility power to the site.

These applications are relevant on both new and existing building sites. You may need to power lighting and tools, or you may need to keep existing building areas running while working on a remodel. Temp power can also be used to test equipment in advance of a building coming online, such as life safety, networking equipment, servers, fans, pumps and other items.

Disaster Recover

When disaster hits, getting power back to your business is one of your highest priorities. Temporary power products enable you to quickly deploy a generator that connects to the electrical panel and automatic transfer switch to get your systems back up and going promptly. Applications can also include power for the restoration of a building, providing the energy needed to run fans, dehumidifiers, pumps and other tools. The key is planning how you will handle these situations before they arise.

Rapid Deployment / Retrofit Buildings

There is no way to fully understand the logistical barriers that come up in a natural disaster unless you’re there, on the ground near where the problem is. The recent pandemic has also shown us the benefit of having additional capacity in our healthcare networks, for treatment or testing capabilities. Rapidly deployable containerized facilities can support extra equipment and workforce needs, and temporary power distribution will be required.


Though many of these activities have been on hold during the pandemic, we are all looking forward to various types of events in the near future. From weddings, festivals and parties, to sporting activities and concerts, temporary power is almost always needed. It can be as simple as running computers at a registration booth or as complex as powering lights and sound for a band. It is essential to support the requirements but also have a solution you can quickly deploy and quickly remove from the site afterward.

When designing any temporary power solution, it’s important to ensure you are taking into account your design’s safety. There are a number of things to consider:

  • All equipment is code compliant.
  • Power is close to the area you will be using it.
  • A design that reduces extension cord clutter.
  • A design that allows quick set-up and removal.
  • A design rated for the environment (outdoor, indoor, pressure wash, etc.).
  • Protected against line-side power deficiencies.
  • Circuits protected against over-voltage damage.

Excellerate offers the highest quality in temporary power service and equipment, with experience servicing industrial and commercial projects; we’re ready to serve our customers when they need us the most. Please feel free to contact us for your complete temporary power solution.