What Can Excellerate Build for You?

As Excellerate Manufacturng continues to grow, I often hear the question, “What can Excellerate build for my job?” For an answer, I usually turn that question around and ask, “What CAN’T we build for your job?”

We continue to prove that our manufacturing model adds value to projects in time and money saved, and especially in safety. I often ask a project owner or team these questions:

  • Is the work repeatable? Repeatable work is one of Excellerate’s major strengths.
  • What work is technically or physically difficult? If this work takes a lot of labor, let us find a way to do it at Excellerate. This can include panel builds, duct banks, transformer prewires, and more.
  • Would you like to install things faster? With Excellerate, we can build assemblies outside the normal sequence of activities and have them arrive on the project on a just-in-time basis, to be installed with up to 80 percent less labor.
  • Does any of the work have special requirements? If there are special testing requirements for an assembly, Excellerate can test them before they’re sent.

There are a number of main assembly families that we are able to concentrate on at Excellerate, and building them in our off-site manufacturing facilities enables us to provide time and budget efficiencies directly to our customer. These include:

  • Trapeze Hangers (Strut Racks)
  • Conduit (Racks, Bends, Transitions and Kits)
  • Box Builds (In Wall Rough-In and Junction Boxes)
  • Wire and Cable Assemblies (Lighting Whips, In-Wall Rough, Speed Pulls)
  • Equipment Builds (Panel Builds, Device Builds, Transformer Builds)
  • Light Fixture Prep (By Area, By Room, Unboxing, Add Whips, Add Lamps)
  • Kitting Solutions (Room In a Tote [rough-in and finish]; Lighting by Area)
  • Modular and Skid Builds (Power Skids, Mobile Microgrids)

If you are seeking ways to be more efficient, increase jobsite productivity, improve quality and decrease costs, offsite manufacturing accomplishes these goals effectively. Our four Excellerate facilities in Neenah, WI; Appleton, WI; Lenexa, KS; and Atlanta, GA contain more than 300,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing space.

Today projects that utilize Excellerate are safer, more productive, and better able to maintain fast-moving schedules. Projects that utilize Excellerate can do more with less and with the tight labor market, can help you maximize efficiency and productivity.

What can our team build for you?