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Logistics on a jobsite is difficult. Utilizing the engineered to order (ETO) Excellerate Kitting solution will keep your workers at the point of installation doing primary work and will equate to higher productivity. Our data indicates Kitting, by area or room, of our NEC compliant assemblies can save up to 80% labor versus a traditional “stick build.” Excellerate has a kitting solution that aims at making our assemblies smart. Everything needed to rough in or finish a room or area can be assembled, labeled, kitted, and sent to the site in easy to move totes or rolling tubs for a “just in time” delivery. Using “room in a tote” is critical for keeping your workers as productive as possible. No more “treasure hunts.” Kitting can be done for the rough-in stage (Box assemblies, MC whips, residential panels w/HR’s installed, etc.) and finish stage of the project (pigtailed devices, labeled cover plates, panel covers w/schedules, light trims, fire alarm heads, etc.).



  • Kitted per room finish schedule for organized logistics
  • Pre-labeled
  • Pre-wired for ease of installation
  • Standard 8″ pigtail length
  • Push-in connector included on each pigtail



  • Meets the requirements of the 2020 National Electrical Code



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