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Working in trenches can be dangerous. According to many safety institutions trenching is one of the most dangerous activities in construction. When you use our NEC compliant Excellerate Duct Bank solution, your workers are exposed to the Trench DANGER ZONE for much LESS time. Compared to a traditionally built duct bank, our straight Duct Bank assemblies are installed up to 60% faster and our engineered to order (ETO) transitional duct bank assemblies are installed up to 90% faster. The straight section and Transitional section assemblies are both built ready to install in 10’ or 20’ sections and can be used in both direct bury and concrete encased applications. The sections are rebar reinforced and very robust so they can easily be shipped anywhere in the world. Place the assemblies in the trench in the correct sequence and connect the sections together. “Get in and Get out.”



  • Durable cradling allows for jobsite conditions
  • Standard configurations are spaced to accommodate medium voltage heat calculations
  • Ganged 10′ and 20′ sections provide expedited installation



  • NEMA TC-2
  • CSA C22.2 No. 211.2
  • Sunlight Resistant



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