Microgrids are on-site energy grids that can operate independently of the traditional energy grid, making them more efficient and reliable. They can be powered by generators, batteries and renewable resources like solar energy, wind, biogas or biomass.

Excellerate microgrids can reduce operational expenses through energy peak shaving, energy demand reduction and the utilization of on-site renewable energy production. Along with the economic benefits, microgrids can also increase resiliency during long-duration power outages and can reduce carbon emissions by 50% or more.

Mobile Microgrid

Traditional Microgrids
Placed as fixed units on a site, where they permanently supply and/or supplement the energy needs of that location.

Mobile Microgrids
Local, on-site energy grids that are similar to traditional microgrids but can be moved from location to location to serve emergency energy needs. Powered by solar energy, batteries, and a fuel engine, these units are prebuilt in a container and can be set up and functioning within days of arriving on a site.

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