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Excellerate electrical houses (also known as E-Houses, power houses, or integrated power assemblies) are walk in, modular outdoor enclosures that are prefabricated and can be used to house medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) switchgear equipment, as well as auxiliary equipment. They’re multifaceted, and are ready to operate in the field with minimum effort needed, minimizing cost, installation, commissioning and startup time. E-Houses can be used as alternatives to traditional on-site ones. Their mobility makes them easy and cost effective to install and relocate.

Design and Engineering

  • Complete Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Design
  • Equipment Integration
  • Meet or Exceed All Nationally Recognized Electrical and Building Codes
  • Pre-configured Enclosures or Custom Designed Product to Meet Your Needs
  • Structural Design Engineered for Specific Site and Application Demands


Economic Advantages

  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Efficient Deployment of Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
  • Tax Classification Advantages

To learn more about the benefits of utilizing E-Houses for your energy needs, contact our team of experts today.


E-House Power Integration Centers


Excellerate power integration centers (PIC) are factory-fabricated electrical buildings designed to house power integration, metering and control equipment. These units are designed to be self-contained, integrated electrical packages available at lower installed costs due to the elimination of field labor. On-site assembly and interconnections are removed because the total package is factory built, wired and tested before shipment. Weather or coordination delays are minimized, and only incoming and outgoing electrical connections are necessary after positioning the PDC on a proper foundation.

E-House Control Centers

e house control center

Excellerate control centers are factory-fabricated in a controlled environment, designed to house electric relay, metering, monitoring and control equipment, including:

  • Communication, Alarm and Fire Panels
  • Control Panels
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Motor Control Centers
  • UPS Systems

Control Panel Assemblies

Whether stand-alone or installed in an E-House, Excellerate can also provide custom UL508A control panels. For industrial applications, they include motor control, PLC control panels and graphics display enclosures. This service allows one-stop shopping for many applications.

E-House Custom Modular Rooms

e houses

Excellerate custom modular rooms are cost-effective, prefabricated, robust, self-contained steel structures. For these rooms, we work closely with your team to design a room that will meet your needs for years to come. They may include operator controls, labs, equipment houses, an office area or incorporate motor controls in the same structure. All electrical needs, lighting, air handling units and control cabinets are included, as needed.

Whether single or split level, large or small, Excellerate can develop the best fit for every plant need.


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