Flexible Manufacturing: Playing to our Strengths

Our customers operate in a fluid environment. They need suppliers and partners they can count on to respond and react quickly. The ability to be flexible – bend but not break – is essential to their success.

Excellerate is not a traditional manufacturer. With our history rooted in pre-fabrication for our construction partners, our organization was built to be flexible. It starts with our leadership team – a blend of skilled tradespersons and manufacturing experts who have seen the good and bad from both disciplines. That experience is leveraged to apply the best practices from construction AND manufacturing to do what makes sense for our customers. Our manufacturing environment enables us to be safer while delivering on our promise of quality results that meet their production and financial goals.

The key to execution is our focus on redefining what’s possible. Innovative problem solving and continuous improvement are culture driven in our true team environment that holds itself accountable to productivity goals and customer deadlines. Generating improvement ideas from the teams executing on the floor fosters buy in and allows our continuous improvement resources to focus on execution vs. discovery.

Flexibility is also a huge benefit to our team members. We’re able to provide an abundance of career opportunities to grow and advance in any of our departments. We have structured cross training and task rotation plans in place for our team members to enable them to build a wide range of skills in a compacted time frame and be prepared to take advantage of growth opportunities within the organization. Versatile team members provide tremendous value, allowing us to shift and move with our customers throughout their project’s life cycle.

Like many other industries, communication is the bedrock of a successful partnership. As discussed in a previous blog article, Excellerate’s early involvement in your project is the key that unlocks our flexibility. How can we deliver results for you? Contact us today.