The Value of Excellerate

Labor and risk: these are two of the biggest challenges that construction projects face today. Labor shortages are affecting all industries. Add to that weather and material delays that can cause schedule compression, and crews that are already working long hours are taxed even further.

Fortunately, these are two of the biggest areas where Excellerate can add value on projects, reducing on site labor and transitioning areas of risk to a controlled environment.

One of the keys for Excellerate to add the most value to your project is up-front communication among critical aspects of the project as soon as the job is awarded. This includes working with your pre-construction, design/detailing and field supervision teams.

Working with you right from the beginning enables us to determine together which areas of the project have some of the biggest risks or what areas have tasks that can be done off site to save labor. This up-front collaboration also helps us determine what assemblies or products are applicable and when they are needed. Each project has nuances that others do not, so our experience enables us to make recommendations that make the most sense for your project.

All of this is driven by our Excellerate project leads; they are the subject matter experts who know:

  • What we can do (our capabilities)
  • What we should do (sharing of best practices)
  • What information we need (ensuring we know your goals)

By getting involved from the start, we can work together to drive safety, quality and productivity into your project. To learn more, reach out via our Contact page; we look forward to helping you meet your project goals.