Strong Culture Leads to High Productivity

Excellerate is building high-performance work teams (HPWT) through coaching, training and mentorship. Our facility meets monthly as a team to review and discuss our current business state and how we are performing against our goals, which are focused in key areas of safety, quality, performance and culture.

The largest and most important impact we can make with customers is to reduce their safety risks on job sites. As noted in our recent blog, Excellerate has gone over 1,200 consecutive days without a recordable injury. Every team member at Excellerate has “stop-work authority” to immediately stop any work being performed if there’s a possible safety risk identified. Our teams are empowered to seek out and be part of solutions to address and correct any safety concern.

Another key area we can bring major improvements to our customers is quality. By manufacturing products and completing project builds in a controlled environment, we add value by reducing job site variability. We have created multiple quality checks in our production processes to provide repeatable, high-quality products, verified to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and specifications. When quality deviations are found, they are documented, addressed and corrected immediately. A unique quality service we offer our customers is the option to live test their electrical panels in house. This process validates that the components we build are functioning exactly as they are designed and engineered before the finished product ever leaves our Excellerate facility.

Our teams are driven to be high performers, working together toward common goals and milestones and following our core operating philosophies:

  • Always put the customer first
  • People are our most important resource
  • Continuous improvement is a way of life
  • Shop-floor focus

Being united in purpose helps sustain positive results. We win together as a team, or we do not win at all. This drives collaboration and cohesiveness within our work teams, building trust in one another that we have each other’s best interests in mind while making business decisions that impact the team. Everyone has a voice in the process through multiple avenues, such as continuous improvement submissions that document team member ideas to make something better. Each submission is also entered into a drawing to win prizes, with the winners drawn at each HPWT meeting.

Culture is a very important part of who we are at Excellerate and our parent organization, FTI, and greatly impacts how we conduct business. It starts from within each team member by treating everyone the way they want to be treated. Through our Culture of Care, we create a safe and stigma-free environment where team members can thrive. We offer a multitude of value-added resources for our team members including recharge time for each team member to focus on their mind, body and soul! This benefit and others are important to ensure we care for our people while they care for our customers.

Following our safety, quality, performance and culture goals, along with building high performance teams, Excellerate is building and executing electrical solutions for nearly any need. Let us know how our amazing teams can add value to your next project.